ISME 2025

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Market Size

  • In the past 10–12 years, India’s steel sector has expanded significantly. Production has increased by 75% since 2008, while domestic steel demand has increased by almost 80%. The capacity for producing steel has grown concurrently, and the rise has been largely organic.

  • In FY22, the production of crude steel and finished steel stood at 133.596 MT and 120.01 MT, respectively. The consumption of finished steel stood at 105.751 MT in FY22.

  • In FY22, exports and imports of finished steel stood at 13.49 MT and 4.67 MT, respectively. In FY22, India’s export rose by 25.1% YoY, compared with 2021. In FY21, India exported 9.49 MT of finished steel.

  • The annual production of steel is anticipated to exceed 300 million tonnes by 2030–2031. By 2030–31, crude steel production is projected to reach 255 million tonnes at 85% capacity utilisation achieving 230 million tonnes of finished steel production, assuming a 10% yield loss or a 90% conversion ratio for the conversion of raw steel to finished steel. With net exports of 24 million tonnes, consumption is expected to reach 206 million tonnes by the years 2030–1931. As a result, it is anticipated that per-person steel consumption will grow to 160 kg.